Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Pixsys release new TCT201 - Timer/Counter 48x4

Pixsys have announced the TCT101 which is now available to pre-order from

The unit has the same features and operating modes of the TCT101 (size 32x74mm) are now available in TCT201 in the standard box 48x48mm as requested by several customers.

Brief summary of main technical data:
  • Dual display 4digits
  • Power supply extended range 24...230Vac/Vdc
  • 2 relay outputs 8A resistive
  • Frontal extraction of electronics
  • Memory card for quick setting
  • Optional setting on PC by Labsoftview

Ordering codes

> TCT201-1ABC Timer - 5 operating modes
> TCT201-2ABC Counter / Flowmeter

Device will be ready for delivery by the end of June 2010.Pre order today

Thursday, 13 May 2010

5 Facts About DC Drives

Our good friends at Sprint Electric have recently written a short article with 5 interesting facts about DC Drives

The main point of the article is that the DC drives market is still very much alive and well is often obscured by myths created in aggressive promotion of the AC market. So without further delay let's get some facts straight:

Fact #1

A modern DC drive incorporates state of the art programming, networking and i/o technologies that are not available in most AC drives.

Fact #2

DC drives can provide high performance, 4-quadrant, regenerative control that is not possible from most AC drives.

Fact #3

The heat dissipated from a DC drive is less than a half of the heat wasted in an equivalent AC drive.

Fact #4

Brushes will last for many years in a properly rated and installed DC motor.

Fact #5

When refurbishing an old drive system it is typically much more cost effective to use a modern networked DC drive than to convert to AC.

Fact #6

You can buy new and refurbished DC drives from We are an official stocking distrubutor for Sprint electric but have a wide range of dc drives from other OEMs available for immediate dispatch.