Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Upgrading replacing Control Techniques Dominax

What was the Control Techniques DominAx? 

The DominAx series was a digital AC motor speed control manufactured by Control Techniques UK . It was available in several models that could control 3-phase motors from 1 to 15HP. The input voltage ranged 380 to 480 VAC +/- 10% , three phase. The Dominax was based on the Control Techniques CD range of drives. The drive was designed in "bookshelf" format in order to optimize cubic space when utilised in multi drive systems.

Although the DominAx was manufactured and sold by Control Techniques it is not unusual to find them rebadge as Leroy Somer or Honeywell drives. In fact some drives, particularly those rebadge by large OEMs, did not feature the Control Techniques name or the DominAx brand.


Key Features of the Dominax Range 

  • Dominax drives are designed to operate standard 3 phase induction motors and special high frequency motors
  • Digital Control of output bridge by micro processor and custom designed ASIC
  • Insulated gate bi polar transistor (IGBT) inverter outout bridge for high speed switching and low power consumption
  • Choice of 4 PWM output switching frequencies to match applications
  • Choice of three upper limits of variable output frequencies up to 380hz maximium
  • Maxium flux on all speeds
  • Programmable voltage boost for additional torque at low speeds
  • Acceleration and Deceleration with programmable ramps
  • Slip Compensation for improved speed holding in open loop speed control

Options for Existing Dominax User 

Although the Dominax was cutting edge when first released into the market place the features on this drive can now be found in most drives from leading OEM such as Allen Bradley, Siemens Automation, Telemecanique and Mitsubsihi. At direct-industrial we recommend the Control Techniques Commander SK as a direct replacement for the DominAX. The Control Techniques Commander SK series can replace the Dominax functionality and are state-of-the-art Digital Drives that are smaller, offer many more internal features ( featuring a built-in PLC capability ) and can be setup using your Laptop PC. No pots to adjust or jumpers to set. Best of all the Software for the Commander SK is free ! As an official distributor of Control Techniques, Direct-Industrial.com is able to offer support to existing Dominax users looking to upgrade to the latest generation digital ac drives. For customers who cannot upgrade we can offer a fixed price repair service

Thursday, 11 March 2010

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