Friday, 12 November 2010

Food Parcel from SamDong

Some nice stuff from Tennessee
A big thank you to the good people at Sam Dong (particularly Martha).  We recently help them with some Siemens parts and in return they went to the trouble of sending us a collection of regional delights from Tennessee.

So far our personal favourite  has been the Moon Pie, which taste like Wagon Wheels without Jam. We are trying one treat per day! So today we move onto the Goo Goo Peanut Butter biscuits and the home made Corn Relish - made by Kristie. Unfortunately David managed to break the lid on the Black Berry Jam. 

Big thanks to Debbie, Steve, Kristie, Martha, Martha's mum and the rest of the team at Sam Dong. 

Moon Pies
John Joe eating his moon pie

Friday, 22 October 2010

Direct-Industrial save Sting Concert

As one of the UK’s leading venues for live music, The Sage Gateshead is accustomed to playing host to some of the biggest names in world music and they don’t get much bigger than Sting. The Tyneside born musician was back in his home town to perform the last show in his sell out Symphonicity European tour. The Symphonicity tour sees Sting performing his most celebrated songs with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

With so many musicians and so much equipment involved in the Symphonicity tour even the smallest problems can become magnified. All was going well until a potential disaster occurred only 24 hours before the show - the goods lift broke down. Without a working goods lift, Sting and his orchestral backing band would be unable to transport their musical equipment on to the stage. The prospect of disappointing thousands of Sting fans was too much to take.

Before you could say De Do Do Do De Da Da Da, the facilities manager contacted lift service provider Orona to arrange an engineer visit. Upon arriving at the site the Orona engineer quickly traced the problem back to a ThyssenKrupp MFL2040 drive. Due to the weekend and close proximity of the show, sourcing a replacement was not a viable option. The Orona engineer therefore took decisive action and contacted drive repair specialist to arrange an urgent repair. The drive was sent on a same day delivery from the North East to Direct-Industrial’s automation repair facility in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Listening to the greatest hits of Sting and the Police, Direct-Industrial engineers (see photo) worked through the night to repair and service the faulty drive. After visually inspecting the drive, the engineers removed each card and powered them individually. This enabled them to narrow down the problem to the power board. It was discovered that a fault on the firing stage was pulling down the supply rails, thereby causing the drive to malfunction.

Utilizing the latest techniques in analogue signature analysis, the problem was reduced to a single firing stage, after which the use of a dedicated short locating tool directed the engineer to the root cause – a short circuit capacitor. Once the fault had been cured, Direct Industrial engineers performed a full preventive maintenance service on the drive replacing serviceable parts such as capacitors, fans and relays. A large proportion of drive problems result from component failure through old age - for example capacitors can leak corrosive acid on the internal PCBs. A full service from replaces these parts and reduces the chance of drive failure and expensive downtime.

By early Saturday morning the drive was on load test after being been completely serviced and repaired and was ready to be returned to the North East complete with a 12 month warranty. The repaired AC drive was then returned to the North East on a same day service and fitted by the Orona engineer just hours before the show. Needless to say The Sage Gateshead was walking on the moon with delight at the professional and rapid response from Orona and

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Direct Industrial Extend Free Collection & Delivery Promotion

Internet Automation Distributor, is now offering free collection and delivery to UK customers on automation spares and repairs until the 1st of January 2011. European customers do not need to feel left out as Direct-Industrial are also offering free delivery on all orders over £100 GBP to mainland Europe.

With access to over 30,000 lines of obsolete automation stock, including a large inventory of Siemens Simatic S5, and over 30 years repair experience Direct-Industrial is committed to providing an affordable and responsive automation repair service as well as substantial savings on new & refurbished automation spare parts. Customers can also take peace of mind that all parts repaired or sold by come with a full 12 month warranty.

Commenting on the promotion, David Lenehan, Sales and  Marketing Manager said: “Our aim is always to make life simpler for our customers and our free collection service fits into this core philosophy. Customers can have their repairs picked up for free, evaluated for free and quoted for free within 48 hours. What’s more, we will return the item free of charge  if the customer decides not to proceed with the repair. Who says you don’t get anything for free these days?”

To take advantage of this unique promotion, please visit or call +44 (0)1254 673747.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Control Techniques cease production of Digitax

Original product shots of the Digitax Drive
Way back in 1989, Control Techniques started manufacturing the revolutionary Digitax AC servo drive. These high performance servo drives would eventually become line critical items for countless manufactures across the globe. Today many companies still depend on Digitax to keep production flowing, particularly in the CNC machine tool industry. 

Unfortunately it will soon be time to say goodbye, as Control Techniques will soon stop production of the Digitax servo drives. 

Not too surprisingly, many Digitax users are worried about the long term support for this product and have contacted for advice. 

As an official Control Techniques distributor, are able to offer a wide range of solutions for Digitax Users, these options include:
  • Repair of your Digitax Drive
  • New and Refurbished Digitax Drives 
  • Practical advice on upgrading to the latest generation platform

New and Refurbished Digitax Drives have limited stock of new and refurbished DigitAx drives available to purchase today. We also have access to the last production batch of DigitAx drives. All the refurbished stock come with 12 months warranty and have been fully tested by our technicians.  If the digitax is critical to your production process this might be your last chance to order a spare unit.

Please contact us for a free quote and to reserve your DigitAx drive

Practical advice on upgrading to the latest generation platform

There is no direct replacement for DigitAx but we recommended the Control Techniques Undrive SP, combined with SM resolver module. These state of the art digital drives offer many more internal features (specifically a built in PLC capacity) and can be setup using your laptop .... or  Ipad if you feel flush. 

The table below shows which Unidrive SP to use as the replacement for your Digitax.

No fuss Digitax Repair:

Should you require a faulty Digitax drive to be repaired help is at hand from our certified repair and service centre. Minimising the impact on your plant is our main concern. We have been repairing industrial automation parts for over 30 years and provide a prompt, professional guaranteed repair service. 

Unlike many of our competitors we go the extra distance and perform a full service on your Control Techniques drive. During the service we replace all serviceable parts, reflow cracked solder joints and repair any fault discovered.

Using is good for your business due to the following reasons:

  • All repairs carry a 12 month warranty
  • Fixed Priced Repair – No unwanted surprises
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Full Preventive Maintenance Service – We replace all serviceable components.
  • All repaired parts are cleaned and returned to like new or almost new condition
  • No Fix No Fee Policy
  • High Quality Replacement Parts
  • Free No Obligation Quote

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Replacing the Control Techniques Lynx SM DC Controller

Control Techniques recently ceased production of their Puma range of DC Drives.  The good news is that replacing these DC Drives is relatively easy and inexpensive thanks to the range of Sprint DC drives available directly from

The Puma SM DC controller can be replaced for as little as £79 with the Sprint 340. The 340 offer significant space saving with its ultra compact DIN rail mounting design. The replacement sprint dc drive is simple, reliable and compant. Controlling the DC drive is easy with adjustable parameters including min and max motor speed, armature current, up ramp and IR compensation.

For more information please drop us an email

An update from

It has been a little while since we lasted blogged. It has been extremely busy down at Direct-Industrial.comindustrial automation equipment

The newsletter also has information on our forthcoming move and the jet engine starter rig we designed (which was also featured in last months edition of drives and controls magazine).  It you would like to receive a copy of our newsletter please drop us an email.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Direct-Industrial Appear In Drives and Controls Magazine

Check out this month's edition of Drives and Controls Magazine to find out how Direct-Industrial designed and built a Jet Engine Test Rig for a leading Aerospace company.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Pixsys release new TCT201 - Timer/Counter 48x4

Pixsys have announced the TCT101 which is now available to pre-order from

The unit has the same features and operating modes of the TCT101 (size 32x74mm) are now available in TCT201 in the standard box 48x48mm as requested by several customers.

Brief summary of main technical data:
  • Dual display 4digits
  • Power supply extended range 24...230Vac/Vdc
  • 2 relay outputs 8A resistive
  • Frontal extraction of electronics
  • Memory card for quick setting
  • Optional setting on PC by Labsoftview

Ordering codes

> TCT201-1ABC Timer - 5 operating modes
> TCT201-2ABC Counter / Flowmeter

Device will be ready for delivery by the end of June 2010.Pre order today

Thursday, 13 May 2010

5 Facts About DC Drives

Our good friends at Sprint Electric have recently written a short article with 5 interesting facts about DC Drives

The main point of the article is that the DC drives market is still very much alive and well is often obscured by myths created in aggressive promotion of the AC market. So without further delay let's get some facts straight:

Fact #1

A modern DC drive incorporates state of the art programming, networking and i/o technologies that are not available in most AC drives.

Fact #2

DC drives can provide high performance, 4-quadrant, regenerative control that is not possible from most AC drives.

Fact #3

The heat dissipated from a DC drive is less than a half of the heat wasted in an equivalent AC drive.

Fact #4

Brushes will last for many years in a properly rated and installed DC motor.

Fact #5

When refurbishing an old drive system it is typically much more cost effective to use a modern networked DC drive than to convert to AC.

Fact #6

You can buy new and refurbished DC drives from We are an official stocking distrubutor for Sprint electric but have a wide range of dc drives from other OEMs available for immediate dispatch.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Control Techniques Launch Guide to Softstarts

Our good friends at Control Techniques have released a free engineering guide to Soft starters. The guide outlines the principle benefits of using soft starters compared to other electro-mechanical start methods and the advantages & disadvantages of the various soft start methods. The guide also provides guidance on selecting the correct soft start for your application. 

The guide can be downloaded from the Control Techniques website.  

If you have any questions or would like to order a new Control Techniques softstart please contact a member of our sales for a free no obligation quote.

More Siemens Parts

Just purchased 36 control cabinets of Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 parts from a manufacturing site in Ireland. The parts will be appearing on the website in the coming days.

Please contact us if you would like to convert your excess stock into cash. 

Price Revision


The Blog News has been on the back burner for the past few weeks. We are currently reviewing all our prices and will be updating the price list towards the end of next week.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Upgrading replacing Control Techniques Dominax

What was the Control Techniques DominAx? 

The DominAx series was a digital AC motor speed control manufactured by Control Techniques UK . It was available in several models that could control 3-phase motors from 1 to 15HP. The input voltage ranged 380 to 480 VAC +/- 10% , three phase. The Dominax was based on the Control Techniques CD range of drives. The drive was designed in "bookshelf" format in order to optimize cubic space when utilised in multi drive systems.

Although the DominAx was manufactured and sold by Control Techniques it is not unusual to find them rebadge as Leroy Somer or Honeywell drives. In fact some drives, particularly those rebadge by large OEMs, did not feature the Control Techniques name or the DominAx brand.


Key Features of the Dominax Range 

  • Dominax drives are designed to operate standard 3 phase induction motors and special high frequency motors
  • Digital Control of output bridge by micro processor and custom designed ASIC
  • Insulated gate bi polar transistor (IGBT) inverter outout bridge for high speed switching and low power consumption
  • Choice of 4 PWM output switching frequencies to match applications
  • Choice of three upper limits of variable output frequencies up to 380hz maximium
  • Maxium flux on all speeds
  • Programmable voltage boost for additional torque at low speeds
  • Acceleration and Deceleration with programmable ramps
  • Slip Compensation for improved speed holding in open loop speed control

Options for Existing Dominax User 

Although the Dominax was cutting edge when first released into the market place the features on this drive can now be found in most drives from leading OEM such as Allen Bradley, Siemens Automation, Telemecanique and Mitsubsihi. At direct-industrial we recommend the Control Techniques Commander SK as a direct replacement for the DominAX. The Control Techniques Commander SK series can replace the Dominax functionality and are state-of-the-art Digital Drives that are smaller, offer many more internal features ( featuring a built-in PLC capability ) and can be setup using your Laptop PC. No pots to adjust or jumpers to set. Best of all the Software for the Commander SK is free ! As an official distributor of Control Techniques, is able to offer support to existing Dominax users looking to upgrade to the latest generation digital ac drives. For customers who cannot upgrade we can offer a fixed price repair service

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Discover the easy way to sell your surplus industrial automation spares.

Do you have industrial spares for machines you no longer own?

Have you recently upgraded your production facilities and looking for a easy way to remove your old equipment?

Would you like to turn your excess stock and surplus equipment into cash?

Is the answer is yes then we might be able to help. is the guaranteed way to sell your old industrial automation spares and surplus equipment. Whatever the make, model, age or condition of your industrial automation spares- we'll buy it! We buy all makes and models of PLCs, drives, controls, servo drives, HMIs  monitors, from £5 to over £100,000. You can have the money in your account with 10 working days and we will pay for collection.

We will buy:

Siemens S7
Allen Bradley
Texas Instruments
Control Techniques

Why should I sell my automation spares to

People tell us "I want to sell my excess industrial automation spare, but I don't want the hassle that goes with it!" Selling your automation spares on auctions sites like ebay can be costly and attract time-wasters. For a quick, hassle-free sale with secure payment, sell your industrial automation spares to us! No strangers wasting your time with silly questions, no bounced cheques and postage problems.

So, have I found the easiest way to sell my excess industrial automation spares?

Yes! We buy hundreds of automation spares each month from private sellers who tell us they found to be "the easiest way to sell my automation spare." We make selling your spare parts simple, hassle-free and secure.

How to sell your excess surplus industrial automation stock?

Simple send your list of excess suplus industrial spares to info @ or fax it to us on +44 (0) 1254 56177. To ensure we give you the best possible price please ensure that you include the following information:

•Quantity for sale
•Part Number
•Series / Revision
•Condition (i.e. new, from working equipment, used)
•Your contact information

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

SPRINT ELECTRIC SELECT DIRECT-INDUSTRIAL.COM AS DISTRIBUTOR FOR DC DRIVES, a leading online distributor of new, used and obsolete industrial automation equipment has been appointed distributor for Sprint Electric’s range of analogue and digital DC drives.  Under the distribution arrangement will hold significant stocks of the full range of Sprint products, which will be available for 24hr despatch as required, with pre-sales support and after sales service.

Founded in 1987, Sprint Electric designs and manufactures industrial motor controllers, specialising in DC drive technology. DC drives are complex electronic products that can precisely control the speed of automated process machinery. With over fifty models available, the Sprint Electric range of DC Drive offers a wider choice than any other manufacturer with variable speed drives ranging from 0.25kw to many hundreds of Kilowatts. Larger KW DC drives are ideal for controlling DC motors used in heavy industry applications such as metal working, steel mills, mining, or the cement, rubber and plastics industries.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work alongside Sprint Electric, who have an excellent reputation for manufacturing the highest quality DC drives,” explained's John Joe McGonagle. “It is no secret that many drive manufacturers have chosen to abandon existing DC drive users and instead focus on AC drive technology. This has left many of our customers anxious about the future of their production lines.  Working with Sprint will allow to provide a wide range of affordable replacement DC drive solutions”

Sprint DC drives have always had a reputation for quality, technical innovation and value for money. In many ways the partnership with Sprint provides a perfect extension to what we already do at We are happy to be able to offer our customers the best of both worlds – value for money without compromising on support," adds Stuart Park

Gary Keen who heads Sprint Electric’s sales department, says: " is a well established and competent organisation and an ideal partner to help us achieve our market and sales targets. Their team of engineers are available to evaluate applications, providing technical assistance and professional advice.”

Friday, 12 February 2010

Lenze SMV drives now in stock has received it first batch of Lenze SMD drives

As an official stocking reseller to Lenze we are able to dispatch Lenze SMD to any location in the world and provide full technical support.  The Lenze SMD range of drives are simple, compact and extremely good value for money. Requiring just three face mounted operator buttons and a handful of parameters, commissioning the smd is child‘s play.  However, if you are unsure about installing and commissioning your Lenze SMD variable speed drive, can offer pre and post sale support. For UK customers we can even install your Lenze SMD variable speed drive for you.

On the Lenze SMD drive parameter settings can be saved using the unique EPM (Electronic Programmable Module) and copied to other drives in the same range as many times as required. The smd comes with integrated motor overload protection. A microprocessor calculates the motor power independently of the output speed, protects the motor and renders other hardware superfluous. The smd also features current limiting with frequency reduction for stable operation, a clearly legible LED display and the option of low-noise operation thanks to a configurable switching frequency up to 10 kHz. The function and number of control terminals corresponds to the familiar Lenze standard. The smd support operation between 0.25 and 22 kW. The smd Inverter range can be purchased with RS485 (Lecom & Modbus) communication, with CANopen communication (including Lenze System bus protocol) or without communication depending on the needs of the application. are an official stocking reseller for the Lenze SMD range of drives. For more information on the Lenze SMD drives why not drop us vist our

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Converting your excessing stock into cash has helped a large scotish dairy convert its excess Siemens automation spares into cash.  The dairy had recently sold several of its older machines to a plant in Eastern Europe but still had spare parts in stock. is the guaranteed way to sell your old industrial automation spares and surplus equipment.  Whatever the make, model, age or condition of your industrial automation spares- we'll buy it!  We buy all makes and models of PLCs, drives, controls and monitors, from £5 to over £100,000.   You can have the money in your account with 10 working days and we will pay for collection. For more information visit

Friday, 5 February 2010 Now Recruiting

Due to the increasing demand for our repair services we are now actively looking to employ experienced electronic engineers to work at our headquarters in Blackburn. The preferred candidates will be degree educated in electronics and have prior experience of 
  • PLC’s
  • Servo Drives 
  • Monitors-VDU’s
  • AC Drives - DC Drives
  • Temperature Control 
  • Machine Tools

For more information and a detailed job specification please contact Stuart on +44 (0)1254 673747 or send us an email through

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lenze Appoint as Reseller for Variable Speed Drive, a leading online reseller of new, used and obsolete industrial automation equipment has been appointed as a reseller for Lenze's range of variable speed drives and servo drives. Lenze is one of the leading industrial innovators in Germany and has about 2903 employees worldwide. Lenze's product range includes frequency inverters, servo drives, geared motors, motors, clutches and brakes.  Lenze variable speed drives have a strong installation base in mainland Europe and are found in a wide range of application including extruder, printers, winders and unwinders, slitters, sheeters, laminators, automatic storage, conveyors and pick and place systems.

“With so many manufacturers now offering a multitude of variable speed drives through a variety of channels, it has become difficult for customers to select the correct drive and receive adequate backup and support.  We felt that it was important that partnered with the right company and was able to offer the full support package as well as value for money. After speaking with a number of drive manufacturers we felt Lenze was the natural choice.” explained's John Joe McGonagle. “Lenze distinguishes itself by offering a full training package which will enable Direct-Industrial to provide high quality pre and post sales support to new and existing Lenze users.”

“Lenze variable speed drives have always had a reputation for quality, technical innovation and value for money. In many ways the partnership with Lenze provides a perfect extension to what we already do at We are happy to be able to offer our customers the best of both worlds – value for money without compromising on support," adds Stuart Park.

Paul Robinson of Lenze, says: " is a well established and competent organisation and an ideal partner to help us achieve our market and sales targets."

Wednesday, 27 January 2010 are Recruiting are looking to appoint an experienced Electronics Bench Engineers to work at our head office in Blackburn, Lancashire. Tasks for this position include : Dismantle, check and testing of components, Understanding the technology, components and circuits, Diagnose reason for failure and remedial work required, Identification, sourcing and obtaining of components, Removal and refitting of components to high quality standards, Understanding how to test equipment, design and build simple test rigs, Self inspection, Other electronic and automation repairs as required. Previous experience is essential. For more information please contact Stuart Park.

Monday, 18 January 2010 Appoint New International Sales Executive is pleased to announce the appointment of John Joe McGonagle to the position of Internal Sales Executive. Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, McGonagle will be responsible for all aspects of online sales including channel management, business development, trade shows, promotions, and supplier relations in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Telemecanique TSX 172 4012 Instock has received more stock of the Telemecanique TSX 172 4012. You can purchase these directly from the website for just £499 GBP while stocks last. 

For more information on TSX range see the following pdf from Scheider Electric.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Replacing a Dinverter

Although still have a large stock of Control Techniques Dinverters (see left) it is becoming extremely difficult to source these parts. now recommend Dinverter users to migrate to the latest generation drive technology such as the Commander SK or the Unidrive SP (both from Control Techniques)

The main difference between the old Dinverter and the newer Control Techniques drives is the Dinverter used negative logic for the control signals and the new drives use positive logic. This can cause a problem for certain users however for most applications the new drives offer the perfect solution. is able offer practical advise and setup support to Dinverter user .

Question / Comments. Why not call us +44 (0) 1254 673747 or alternatively visit our website and drop us an email. 

Monday, 11 January 2010

Allen Bradley 1305-BA09A Now In Stock

We have recently recieved more stock of the Allen Bradley 1305-BA09A. With no direct replacement available for the 1305-BA09A this compact 4KW 3 phase inverter is extremely popular and therefore difficult to source. Stock of this part is limited.

The Allen Bradley 1305-BA09A is now available to purchase directly from our online super tore,

Friday, 8 January 2010

Siemens 6EP1436-2BA00 (6EP14362BA00) On Special have a special offer on the Siemens 6EP1436-2BA00 (6EP14362BA00)SITOP power supply. We are selling refurbished units for just £100 GBP. The UK list price is £240 GBP. Like all parts sold by the unit comes with 12 month warranty. This offer is valid until the 31st of January 2010.

Thursday, 7 January 2010 Appointed Lenze Distrubutor

Lenze have appointed as authorized distributor for its range of frequency inverters and servo drives. engineers will receive training on the latest generation Lenze products to offer an unrivalled level of service to our customer .... as well as fantastic prices!

Saving Energy with Variable Speed Drives / Inverters

In the current ecomonic situtation many manufacturers are looking to reduce costs. One simple way to do this is to reduce your energy usage. In the US industrial sector, 70% of all electricity consumption involves motor driven systems. Over 40% goes to centrifugal fans and pumps (like the one pictured). can help you reduce your energy usage and save up to 60% in these applications by fitting a variable speed drive (inverter) which are now available directly from our online superstore. These drives can be supplied preprogramed with a simple connection diagram so you can start saving money immediately. Pictured below is a Control Techniques Commander SK inverter which we recommend for energy saving applications.

How much can you save?

A centrifugal fan running 24/7, 365 days a year will use well over 10 times it purchasing cost in electricity each and every year. On a large fan that can equate to thousands of pounds per year.

By reducing fan speed by just 20% you will see a 50% reduction in energy consumption. It doesn't take a genius to see that this equates to a substantial cost saving. In fact we recently helped one company save over £6,000 per year with a £900 variable speed drive. Control Techniques (Emerson to anyone in the USA) have a free to use calculator for working out potential savings. You can download the energy saving calculator from here.

First Post

Hello and welcome to the blog.

To those in the know, is the leading online source for new, used and obsolete industrial factory automation spare such as PLCs, HMIs, Monitors, servo drives, soft starts, DC Drives and variable Speed Drives. We have a large stock of Siemens S5 , Siemens S7 , Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Telemecanique, Omron and Control Techniques parts.

This blog is designed to keep people informed on the latest news, stock additions and offers from .

More interesting articles to follow.....